Winter Boat Holidays? Try a bed and boat accommodation

Published: 14.08.2019

Winter boat holidays is an experience that you can’t miss, with no need to sail in distant seas.

Boat holidays in wintertime are reserved, at least in the popular imagination, to brave sea wolves able to defeat the bad weather.

Or only for billionaires that can afford to spend the cold months in the hottest places of the world, like the Caribbean.

In reality, winter boat holidays aren’t a mirage nor a privilege for few, but a possibility within the reach of every enthusiast and the Italian coasts offer, during the cold season breathtaking views impossible to see in the summertime.

It must be said that yachting in summertime is beautiful, but you have to deal with crowed seas and marinas; in wintertime this doesn’t happen, the pace slows down and you can fully experience the seaside resorts, maybe choosing a bed and boat solution.

Boat holidays in wintertime: the beauty of the marinas

Recently several Italian regions have seen a great development of its marinas: thanks to this safe landings have been created and a whole series of important services for tourists have been set up.

Many of these Marinas are now integrated in the cities that host them and are perfect not only for docking a boat, but are also a great starting point for discovering these cities.

The possibility to dock at one of these marinas, even during the cold seasons, scores a point for winter boat holidays.

By carefully selecting the destination, you won’t risk finding a desolated empty port and moreover you’ll have the opportunity to better enjoy your “off-season” holiday.

However if a boat holiday in wintertime seems a bit too risky, you can choose a boat stay all year around and enjoy the special atmosphere that only the sea can give without sacrificing any comforts.

Boat holidays in wintertime: a new frontier of yachting tourism

Even the yachting tourism has undergone significant changes during the years, with a tendency to search for less crowded periods, such as mid-season ones.

The possibility of spending your holidays on a boat in winter is an interesting novelty, which combines the love for the sea with a more customizable, people-friendly tourism. In this sense, the new bed and boat solutions can guarantee unforgettable experiences.