Travel trends 2019: what world travelers want

Published: 14.08.2019

The new travel trends of 2019 outline an interesting picture: new experiences, more attention towards the environment and the discovery of new ways to travel

We are now living in a high-speed world and the changes in the travelers’ habits don’t make an exception: but these changes sometimes take new directions.

In the travel trends of 2019, two different “shades” of the traveler seem to coexist together, despite their extreme differences: the research of new experiences and the tendency to make the travel always more hi-tech.

Travel trends 2019: eco-friendly holidays

Certainly from the new picture of the travel trends emerges the figure of a globetrotter always more attentive towards the environment and ready to discover “non-touristy” places and periods.

The desire of an eco-friendly holiday has become a priority for many travelers, so much that a third of them is already at the search of eco-friendly promotions for their vacations.

And tour operators that want to follow this trend need to explain to their consumers how their offers can be defined as eco-friendly.
There’s an important tendency going strong, especially among the younger travelers: between Millennials and Z Generation, 86% of the world travelers are looking for zero-impact holidays.

Travel trends 2019: technology even in vacation for online travellers

But the traveler of the new millennium has no intention to renounce to technology even when he’s on vacation: our devices help us stay connected with world and better enjoy our leisure time. The modern traveler is an online traveller.

Therefore, besides being online traveller, the modern globetrotter exploits these new technologies to create customized holidays, according to one’s taste and needs.

Hi-tech accommodations, artificial intelligence capable of managing and simplifying travel operations and customizable experiences: all new challenges that who work in the tourism industry will have to learn to deal with.

Travel trends 2019: the new winning ideas

Given these premises, the travel trends of 2019 are really interesting and among all there’s surely the right holiday for everyone.

Here’s an overview of these travel trends 2019 that impressed us most, which deserve a deeper look:

  • Traveling alone: people don’t always travel in company and many tourists want safe and efficient organized holidays;
  • silver tourist: everybody travel even older ones and they represent a big share of the market, to which we need to offer specially-made services;
  • experiences: every travel must give something new, a pleasant memory to cherish. LetYourBoat wants to offer a new and unique travel experience like sleeping on a boat that can be an unexpected winning point for the online traveller.
  • New accommodations: not just typical accommodations, but also unique and exclusive boutique hotels, and bed&boat solutions;
  • New seasons: traveling all year round, not only in summertime. Choosing low seasons to enjoy a more quiet and less crowded holiday.

Finding the right balance between hi-tech proposals and the choice of a unique and exclusive stay will be the winning combination.