A boat stay in the coastal cities: Genoa and Venice

Published: 14.08.2019

Italian cities near the sea, an Italian touristic wealth: enjoy this new experience living on a boat

The seaside cities have a unique charm: history and modernity perfectly merged together. Living on a boat allows you to fully breathe this unique atmosphere.

Perhaps for the historical legacy that derives from being a coastal city and also a crossroad of different peoples and cultures, these locations are among the most beautiful places in the world and many are in Italy. What about sailing in Italy, tracing the coast at the discovery of these wonderful seaside cities?

In addition to all the cultural attractions and events that are often organized in these locations (especially in summertime or on holidays) the special touch is given by the sea.

A stroll along the pier among the docked boats after a sweet wake-up on board, cradled by the sea, is a truly unique experience that you can’t miss.

Italian cities by the sea: Genoa and Venice

Choosing one rather than another among all these beautiful Italian cities near the coast is a hard task. But surely two, even if quite different, have an outstanding charm: Genoa and Venice.

Genoa identifies itself with its port, even topographically: starting from the dock you immediately enter in the historical center (the biggest in Europe) and you’ll find yourself lost in the maze of its narrow streets, “carruggi”, guided by the scents and the sounds of the city.

Venice, on the other hand, is literally the city in the sea: it was built snatching patches of land from the sea’s hold; it has managed to establish an incredible balance with the forces of nature, to which it adapts but does not succumb (as during the “high water” events).

Sailing in Italy: a new way to enjoy the sea by boat

Obviously the Italian cities near the coast are full of hotels and accommodation facilities: but what about trying a new experience living on a boat?

Sailing in Italy, choosing to sleep on a boat, perhaps on a catamaran or a sailboat, allows you to fully experience the charm of these cities, without renouncing to the comfort of a high level hospitality. Being cradled by the waves and waked up by the noise of the marinas is a fantastic new way to live the sea, accessible to all in every season.