Bed and Boat: the unconventional travel experience

Published: 14.08.2019

The bed and boat accommodation represents a new vacation opportunity, perfect for tourists looking for new travel experiences

The world of travel has changed: if you just take a look at the new travel trends, you’ll see how the traditional holiday offers are losing more and more ground.

Modern travelers always aim to live new and unusual experiences, without giving up the comfort they are used to.

Renting a boat to sleep on (bed and boat formula) represents one of the most interesting innovations in this panorama, managing to combine novelty and exclusivity with the typical comforts of a high-level hospitality.

A night on a boat: rent a boat to sleep on and discover a new reality

Hotel rooms certainly offer all the services necessary for a comfortable stay, but you often find yourself immersed in an aseptic reality with no personality: an experience light years behind the demands of modern travelers.

But living the experience of spending a night on the boat, perhaps aboard a modern sailing ship, surrounded by refined furniture, made specifically for that cabin, illuminated by the light of the moon and the stars that seeps through the portholes, can be defined as a real, unique experience.

And waking up in the morning, enjoying the first light of dawn from the deck of the boat, adds a magic touch to this new way of experiencing tourism and the sea.

Bed and boat option: stay on a boat and live the city

Renting a boat to sleep on also means having a privileged starting point in visiting the most beautiful seaside cities: very often the historic center is at a stone's throw from the sea and it doesn’t take a lot to find oneself immersed in the wonderful atmosphere of the most beautiful places, and then one can easily go back on the boat for a rest, surrounded by the light of the sunset. A nice way to stay on a boat enjoying the city.

A stay on a boat or even on a yacht is no longer an experience reserved for the few: like Letyourboat, our mission is to make the nautical tourism and the sea increasingly accessible to all those who love it and want to live up close, therefore the bed and boat option is an important tool to achieve this goal.

Discover on our website all the possibilities of passing a night on a boat in the most beautiful cities of Italy!