The most beautiful beaches of Liguria to live by boat

Published: 14.08.2019

The most beautiful beaches in Liguria sometimes are also the most hard to reach from the coast: boat holidays at the discovery of these beautiful places can be a great solution

Liguria has many beaches and often they’re little known, because of the particular conformation of this region. In fact, the most beautiful coves are often situated in places not easy to reach by foot: instead arriving from the sea makes things easier. Enjoying breathtaking experiences and views living on a boat is more easier that you think. Let’s discover which Ligurian beaches are reachable by boat.

The most beautiful beaches of Liguria: a strip of land between mountains and sea

One of the most beautiful Ligurian beaches certainly is at San Fruttuoso, famous also because the sea in front hosts the Christ of the Abyss, the favorite destination of many scuba divers. The sea water is crystal clear and the beach, near the ancient abbey, is small and fascinating. It’s a place that can be reached only by the trails of the National Park of Portofino, o via sea, so living on a boat makes things simpler.
Also the Blue Bay of Lerici is hard to reach, as you need to follow a long path that cuts through the vegetation on the hill between Punta Santa Teresa and Punta Galera. But the effort is rewarded by the magnificent view of the cobalt blue sea and the possibility to choose between an equipped sandy beach o small gorges between the rocks that guarantee tranquility and privacy.
Lastly there’s the beach of Punta Crena at Final Ligure: the path which allows us to reach it via land is not safe and even by sea you can’t use motorboats. So we’ll need to leave the boat moored farther away e head to the beach swimming or with a rowboat, a strip of land nested between the sheer cliffs. A unique view that leads us into a truly free and uncontaminated nature to be fully experienced living on a boat.
What can we say, these are all great places for boat holidays!

Beaches in Liguria: the perfect destination for your boat holidays

Beaches in Liguria have a common characteristic: the easiest way to reach them is by boat. In this way you can enjoy the beauty of the shore and of the panorama, without having to face long walks along isolated paths. So, if you want to discover beautiful places, near home, follow the trend and go for boat holidays. Living on a boat can be the winning solution even just for a weekend.

most beautiful Ligurian beaches