Rent it! The perfect boat rental for you

Published: 14.08.2019

Rent your boat with a click

In Italy like abroad, the number of abandoned boats increases every year. Why? In most cases the management fees are too high. Between fairing, maintenance, mooring, taxes, the cost can get really unsustainable and sometimes even the most beautiful boats are left to their destiny, slowly becoming wrecks.

This is exactly what happened last month at Como Lake, where twenty boats were auctioned for a total value of over twenty thousand euros, among which some were really high-level boats of all respect.

But the problem is worldwide: the same thing happens every year in California where thirty boats are declared abandoned and seized to then be auctioned or disposed; these stats are constantly growing in all the marinas of the world.

How can we solve this situation and help yachting get up? How can we help ship owners cover the costs so they won’t be forced to abandon their boats?

Today there’s a solution for all this: boat rental with no fees. This will help you cover the costs and make you stack up a small income, like many home owners do with an apartment they don’t use, widely exploiting it through other channels very similar to boat rental. Therefore follow the trend and rent your boat!

Designed specifically for yachting and for all those who rarely use their boats for which it represents only a big cost, often not sustainable for normal people, this is where Letyourboat comes in: boat rental! Normal people’s boat for normal people.

We make the sea accessible to all by satisfying both ship owners that can make a profit and travelers that can enjoy a unique experience on board. So rent your boat (with no fees) and make this possible.

But that’s not all: our target is to bring growth to the whole yachting industry by encouraging the participation of the marinas and nautical service providers to make the experience on board the best ever and help ship owners to offer always a complete and competitive product.

In our sea we don’t want abandoned boats anymore, and you?