Virtual reality: live an experience on a boat

Published: 20.08.2019

Virtual reality allows you to live interactive experiences, discovering new perspectives: all you need is a viewer to explore the world around you.

The Virtual reality is here: technologies that once belonged to military systems or were reserved only for few privileged millionaires are now found in devices accessible to all.

There are actions, which have become ordinary practice, such as info research, the vision of multimedia content or the interaction with other gadgets through devices equipped with screens and controlled by keyboard, touchscreen or voice commands.

And it’s thanks to these tools, which have a computing power comparable to the classic pc squeezed in a few centimeters that the virtual reality has now become a technology available to all.

Virtual Reality: looking from a new point of view

At the moment, apps with this technology are all related to the entertainment world, with an increasing evolution of these devices.

The first models of VR viewers were designed as housings for smartphones, now the current models - see Oculos Rift - are stand-alone devices, designed to follow in real time head movements and minimize any interference.

Devices designed to immerge you in a parallel world.

The Virtual Reality at the Genoa Boat Show

Getting the opportunity to try one of the most engaging virtual reality experiences is very easy: come to our LetYourBoat stand at the Genoa Boat Show and we’ll be happy to let you try the VR viewer to find out how‘s life living on a boat.

Simply register yourself on our site - which you can also do directly at our LetYourBoat stand - to find yourself immersed in a unique experience: don’t forget that the registration gives you the chance to win our summer prize competition.

The future awaits you: come and see it with LetYourBoat at the Genoa Boat Show.