Tourism trends in 2020: smart and easy

Published: 14.01.2020

The tourism trends in 2020 will revolve around new solutions that allow tourists to optimize their vacation time

What are the new tourism trends of 2020? These kinds of forecast are always risky, but there are some fairly clear indications of how the new tourists will move this year.

In particular, what most seems to attract the tourist of 2020 are all those options that allow savings: and not only “economically”.

Even if last minute holidays represent a consolidated reality in the tourism scene and this phenomenon is destined to grow further, the possibility of saving money isn’t the only thing that catches the attention of new travelers.

In fact, as the saying goes “time is money”, on vacation your time becomes even more precious.

Tourism trends: timesaving

What tourists want is the possibility to fully enjoy the time dedicated to their vacation, with no unnecessary "interruptions".

For example think of all those people who want to visit a particular attraction (a museum, a concert or other kinds of event): sometimes the waiting time is so great that it discourages even the most willing person.

That’s why a whole series of benefits have been created to avoid wasting the traveler’s precious time such as "skip-the-line" options, which allow him to have a privileged access with no need to renounce to his favorite attractions.

It’s a service that is starting to catch on among users, who don’t have to worry anymore about endless queues, and can finally enjoy their chosen event.

Tourism trends in 2020: all in one

Besides saving time (and money), the modern tourist is fascinated by the possibility of having, as part of the same vacation, the greatest number of interesting experiences.

Therefore, a holiday including different activities, better if related to each other for the best enjoyment, represents an added value for the customer, who can finally try all the desired experiences without the hassle of making all the arrangements on his own.

Keeping an eye on the tourism trends of 2020 will turn out to be the trump card for all the emerging tourism realities, always searching for the best way to satisfy customer requests