Stay overnight on a boat: 5 unique experiences

Published: 14.08.2019

Having the opportunity to sleep on a boat in the most beautiful places along the coast: an experience to live discovering a new way to travel

The desire to sleep on a boat: do you remember how many times you thought about it, but at the end you gave up, frightened by a whole series of "false myths" that depict sleeping on the boat as something uncomfortable and not suitable for everyone.

The reality is quite different now: thanks to new bed and boat proposals, the possibility to sleep on a boat has become an experience accessible to everyone, allowing you to discover fascinating places without renouncing to the comforts of a classic accommodation.

Being able to stay overnight on a boat means having the opportunity of enjoying the most beautiful seaside resorts from a privileged and fascinating point of view, letting you fully live the sea.

Let’s see the most interesting proposals to stay overnight on a boat at the discovery of new hidden gems thanks to the bed and boat. 

Sleep on a boat: discover Genoa starting from the Old Port

Genoa is a city full of charm and being able to sleep on a boat in the Marina of the Old Port helps create a magical atmosphere.

It’s a curtain-raiser over the "Old Town" dearly loved by the songwriter De Andrè, starting from what is and has always been the beating heart of the city, a crossroads of peoples and cultures, all linked by the sea. A unique place to stay overnight on a boat and explore historical places.

Sleep on a boat: the magical Gulf of Salerno

The whole coast of Campania is splendid, but the Gulf of Salerno encloses a unique landscape, thanks to the many villages scattered along it with their ancient and unaltered charm.

But having the opportunity to explore this coast from the sea, taking advantage of a bed and boat accommodation, adds a magic touch to this unforgettable experience: enjoying the sunset from the deck of a boat, with the sunlight slowly fading away among the greenery of the scrub, the changing of the colors of the houses and the blue of the sea, is really unique.

Sleep on a boat: Venice, charm and mystery

Even if the Carnival is over, the aura of mystery of Venice remains the same: especially at night when the figures of the people glimpsed among the alleys seem to float silently in an almost stealthily way.

Venice is always full of tourists, in every season: and choosing to sleep on a boat, perhaps on a splendid catamaran, also means having a quiet corner all for yourself, where you can unwind after a whole day out and enjoy the peace of the night rocked by the sea.

Sleep on a boat: Sardinia, all year round

Sardinia is a privileged summer destination, but being able to enjoy it even in other seasons is priceless.

Discovering this island without having to elbow your way through the crowd of holidaymakers, allows you to visit the more hidden and even more fascinating side of this beautiful place.

And an overnight stay on a boat will be the icing on the cake of this new unexpected experience.

Sleep on a boat: the gardens of Menton

But the bed and boat solution is not only for Italian destinations: what about passing the border and treat yourself with a night at Menton ?

Menton is the Colored Pearl of the French Riviera: the houses of the village but above all its gardens are a sight to behold, especially in springtime, when the climate is perfect for a relaxing weekend.

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