Rent your boat

Published: 14.08.2019

Rent your boat: it's easier than you think

Renting your boat using the right service is a quick and easy way to put a boat into income.

Perhaps you have already thought about the possibility of renting your boat: probably because you use it sporadically and because the costs to be incurred have become really too high. But what has always held back is the difficulties, bureaucratic and practical, that you think you have to face: the risk is to see your boat aging in a marina or a shed, while you continue to bear the costs necessary for maintenance. The market has studied a new solution: hospitality and tourism are always looking for new channels, and that of boat rental is proving to be one of the most interesting.

Rent your boat: follow the trend of a growing market

The sharing economy has experienced an exponential growth in recent years, even for what concerns the chartering of boats: we are talking about a market that in the world represents a value of 10 billion euros. The best platforms offer different possibilities to rent your boat, pointing not only to boaters, but also to those who want to enjoy a holiday very different from the usual. Perhaps you never thought that your boat could turn into a tourist accommodation and be chartered by those who want to spend a "beach holiday", even on the sea, without necessarily having to leave the harbor. Rent your boat as the accommodation of a bed and breakfast unique in its kind: and all this without facing boring complications.

Rent your boat: just one click

But all the operations that are needed to accommodate guests on your boat, which can also be complicated and result in a waste of time? By relying on letyourboat services you will not have to worry about anything: just choose the preferred method to receive payments, create your rates and your calendar and prepare to earn by renting your boat, moored at the dock as an alternative to hotels or apartments. For all the other tasks, such as check-in, check-out, the management of the deposit and the cleaning, we think, to guarantee the best result with minimum effort.