Best Overnight Boat Trips in Italy

Published: 26.02.2020

The scenic coasts of Italy are perfect for discovering overnight boat trips, available for large and small groups. The unique boat holidays in Italy provide a memorable experience as you cruise to some of the top cities and attractions in the country.

Sail the beautiful Amalfi Coast or explore some of Italy’s most famous ruins at Pompeii. We’ll explore some of the best Italy nautical tourism destinations.

Tuscany Coast Boat Holiday

Rent a boat by the day to explore Italy’s scenic Tuscany coast, a 400km stretch along the western coast of the country. Begin your journey docked in one of Tuscany’s ports to explore one of the top art destination in Italy before sailing out to sea.

Your bed and boat experience will take you to the best spots along the coast, from the tourist resort town of Quercianella for incredible beaches to more remote locations of Cala Violina to visit the Bandite di Scarlina Nature Reserve.

You’ll enjoy the sunrise and sunset at sea in one of the best destinations in Italy.

Sorrento Boat Holiday

Upgrade your holiday in the resort town of Sorrento to your very own bed and boat experience. With your choice of a legendary boat that’s sailed the Naples Gulf to a timeless classic boat with modern luxury, you’ll have all the convenience of visiting Sorrento from your private getaway.

Dock in the ports of Sorrento to see some of the local attractions – Museo Bottega Della Tarsia Lignea, Sant’Antonio, or the nearby wineries of the region. When you’re ready for a day trip, take advantage of upgraded navigation tools to sail the Amalfi Coast for incredible views from the Bay of Naples.

Naples Boat Holiday

Climb aboard a classic yacht with an expert captain to enjoy a tour on the Gulf of Naples while enjoying your bed and boat experience from Naples. Naples provides easy access to a notable Italian shipyard and sailing along the Amalfi Coast to popular tourist destinations.

Discover the Pompeii ruins while docked at the Castellammare di Stabia port, take a day trip to the island of Ischia, or visit the Faraglioni of Capri to enjoy your Naples boat holiday at the top destinations around the region.

Naples has always been a popular holiday destination throughout history, and experiencing it from your private boat is the best way to experience it for yourself.