Sleep on a boat in northern Sardinia: simply wonderful

Published: 14.08.2019

Living a unique experience on the Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) and on the northern side of Sardinia is now possible thanks to new possibilities of boat stays never offered to travelers before. Wonderful and accessible scenarios await you. Especially in September.

Here are some suggestions for holidays in Sardinia at Cannigione, Portisco and Porto Rotondo.


Sleep on a boat at Porto Rotondo – Splendid September

In September at Porto Rotondo the water temperature is above 21 °, perfect for a refreshing bath after the summer heat.

The beaches in this period are much less chaotic and can show off all their beauty. In this little corner of paradise you’ll find famous places like Punta Lepre, Porto Rotondo's landmark, the famous Marinella beach, perfect for families and Punta degli Asfodeli, with its many beaches and rocky coves where you can venture yourself.

The perfect place to enjoy the beauty of its crystal-clear sea in a quiet but still hot period of the year. A slower and quieter pace characterizes the passing of days during this period, without losing the lively atmosphere of summer.

The Gallura hosts fantastic regattas in September, the time of year dedicated to the spectacular competitions between the most important fleets on the international scene.

So why about treating yourself with a boat stay at Port Rotondo? Sleep on a boat moored in the Marina, enjoying a unique and charming atmosphere in a context never lived so closely before and in such a simple way.


Sleep on a boat at Portisco and Cannigione: itineraries for all tastes


Cannigione, a splendid seaside town in the municipality of Arzachena, characterized by the unique scents of the local flora and the delicate sea breeze. A place full of incredible colors: the crystal clear blue of its sea and the characteristic golden rushes that surround the village, which turn pink at sunset.

Finding a unique accommodation at Cannigione means finding a great starting point in a unique corner of northern Sardinia, a sheltered and fascinating environment, to then set off at the discovery of all the wonders of the area.

Organizing a holiday here, on the edge of summer, unfortunately can be complicated due to the exclusivity of the location and the great demand. That's why planning to sleep on a boat can be the perfect solution to live an absolutely unforgettable stay in the splendid Marina of Cannigione, with all the best comforts.

Instead Marina of Portisco is the perfect destination thanks to its beauty and great strategic value. Here you can sleep on exclusive boats and enjoy an accommodation on a boat staying moored, surrounded by all the best services and without the need for a skipper.

From here you can set off for incredible itineraries at the discovery of the Sardinian hinterland, among the fascinating historical realities of the internal Gallura, in a splendid naturalistic context and a plentiful top selection of food and wine.

Not only you can also explore La Maddalena and Capo Testa, the entire Costa Smeralda but also ideal itineraries for passionates of trekking and uphill excursions, between Punta Molara and Mount Nieddu.

Destinations and activities that can really satisfy everyone, from the beginning of summer until the first September breeze.