Venetian Carnival 2019: discover the mystery of its alli

Published: 05.03.2019

Venetian Carnival 2019 represents a unique occasion to enjoy the richness of its events and to see how it transforms the city

The Venetian Carnival has always been famous and its roots go back to ancient times: for an entire week the lagoon city transforms itself, offering an incredible panorama of events. Impossible not to mention two of the most famous: the Flight of the Angel (Il Volo dell’Angelo) and the Feast of the Marys (La Festa delle Marie), which are the ones mostly related to the Carnival tradition, so much that their origins stretch back to year 1000.

However the Venetian Carnival 2019 is also about mystery and masks: the traditional Venetian masks, famous all over the world help create the unique atmosphere that can be found only among its allies. 

The Venetian Carnival 2019: the mystery behind the mask 

Having a walk in Venice during the Carnival week is like entering in a new, magical reality, where nothing is what it seems.

The traditional Venetian masks conceal one’s face making it impossible to distinguish who’s who: all limits go down; everyone can choose to be someone else, even just for a night. To be able to visit the most romantic city in the world by night, you need to find an affordable place to stay in Venice Italy

Even if in the past the opportunity of disguising oneself opened the doors to criminality (so much so that it was forbidden to go around masked during the Carnival nights), now it gives you the possibility to live a unique experience, to step into a new dimension that seems to move in parallel with our everyday life. There’s no danger, you can sleep safe and sound, but you need to find an affordable place to stay in Venice Italy that can suit your needs.

A magical stay far from the hubbub of the city: you can rent a boat in Venice, it’s easy

Obviously during the Carnival, Venice is more crowded than ever: it won’t be an easy task finding a nice accommodation full of charm that equals an event like this. Every tourist will be looking for a nice place to stay.

So, what about taking advantage of the Venetian Carnival 2019 and try something new? You can rent a boat in Venice, choosing a bed and boat accommodation, sleeping on sailing ship moored in the port. This solution offers affordable places to stay in Venice Italy at reasonable prices giving you a charming and exclusive dream holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city in a beautiful accommodation of great elegance.

You can rent a boat in Venice, a few steps from where the action is and live a unique experience without sacrificing any comfort.

The week of the Venetian Carnival is magical and being able to pass one or more nights on a boat adds even more charm to this special occasion.

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