Boot Dusseldorf 2020: the new decade with a bang start

Published: 18.01.2020

Boot Dusseldorf 2020 is the first event of the year dedicated to boating: let’s take a look at the novelties of the boat show

The biggest indoor boat show in the world: this is Boot Dusseldorf 2020, the first appointment on the nautical scene.

Because the sea and the world that gravitates around it never stop, even in wintertime: that’s why this kind of nautical exhibitions was born, making it completely usable even in the coldest season.

But the Boot in Dusseldorf is not only a show dedicated to boating in the strict sense: in addition to the presentation of the novelties in the boat field, a whole series of related events are planned which will make this edition unique.

Boot Dusseldorf 2020: an unmissable appointment for sea lovers

In addition to the areas dedicated to new boats, mega yachts and equipment, the event gives large spaces to nautical sports.

Ranging from classic sailing, more than just a sport, but a real passion for many, with a showcase of the new models and of the most interesting trips, to the possibility, for the little ones to discover this beautiful world, ending up with a close view on diving and surfing.

In fact, the boat show dedicates a large space to the diving activities, with the possibility of trying out new equipment and tools in a safe dive.

Worth mentioning "The Wave": for surfers and for those who want to experience the thrill of riding the waves, it will be possible to do so inside hall number 8, where you can also admire the champions challenging the artificial waves.

Letyourboat at Boot Dusseldorf 2020

Obviously an important space dedicated to the nautical tourism was mandatory: it starts with the event organized in collaboration with the Economist, the "Sea Tourism Summit: Navigating a sea of opportunities", dedicated to the great possibilities that the nautical tourism can offer.

And Letyourboat couldn’t miss such an important event: we’ll be in Hall 13, at Stand D.75.4 to introduce our new idea of bed and boat stay: the best way to start another year of growth and success.