Letyourboat: rent a boat is now affordable & accessible

Rent a boat is now affordable and accessible


Key characteristics
Letyourboat revolutionizes the recreational boating sector and offer a unique experience for hosts and guests, who will finally meet their requirements. Do you have a boat? Is it only a cost for you? Why loosing money on a property? With letyourboat you will be able to register and rent your boat with or without skipper or simply offering it for bnb to your guests in just one click. It is free of charge and you can start getting money immediately! Only in Europe there are hundred million of travellers loving the sea against 6 million boats. There are huge opportunities!


For the host

Letyourboat makes your boat visible to millions of travelers who love the sea and make you earning by hosting on board. 
Letyourboat creates a unique, secure environment which connects directly hosts and guests. You will be able to easily and independently offer and manage your boat meeting your requirements and needs. You will choose how, when and in which way to offer your boat. 

Learn more:

  • You decide when you want to rent your boat and make it available for rent
  • You can change anything any day you wish, with maximum flexibility, maximum freedom
  • You decide the minimum period of rental of your boat
  • You decide the location where your boat will be depending on the period of the year
  • You decide if you want to rent your boat with or without skipper and/or any other extras
  • You decide if you want to offer your boat moored in the marina as accomodation for boat and breakfast (B&B) only
  • You choose to whom to rent, you choose to accept or reject a booking
  • You choose the tariffs to rent your boat, which can be different depending on the period
  • You easily manage your boat, your calendar, your reservations
  • You are paid directly by the guest choosing your payments and cancellation policies


For the guest

Enjoying the sea has never been so easy and affordable! With letyourboat you will be saving up to 40% compared to prices offered by agencies. You will have a vast choice of solutions and verified boats of any type for any taste. Do you want to rent a sailing boat for a few days with a skipper and other extras, or a motor boat without a skipper because you have a sailing licence, or maybe you simply want to spend a night on board instead of going to an hotel or apartment? Letyourboat is your solution! You will have the possibility of direct booking and direct communication with your host, without having to wait for a quote or having to pay the entire amount due at the time of the booking. Easy and secure transaction, booking guaranteed. 

Key features

  • Vast typology of boats and solutions offered
  • Instant booking
  • Free of charge usage of the platform
  • Travel Insurance
  • Verified boats
  • Guaranteed booking
  • Up to 50% savings on renting
  • Secure transaction
  • Verification of the hosts
  • Easy navigation controls
  • Best offers
  • Direct communication with your host
  • 7/7 days support and direct contact with Letyourboat Rental Advisors