Boat rent: no longer a luxury

Have you ever thought about boat rent or cabin rents without finding accessible and affordable solutions? Are you looking for exclusive experiential travels solutions?
Letyourboat revolutionizes the boating market, offering a unique experience for host who have a boat and for travellers looking for unforgettable experiential travels or short stay in a boat.
For the host

Letyourboat makes you earn money by hosting on board legally, safely and without problems.

Letyourboat creates a unique, safe and easy place where you can offer your boat moored for unforgettable overnight stay for your guests as alternative to hotel or apartment. We'll take care of everything else.

Register and acces unique opportunities.

  • Register your boat in a few clicks
  • Create and manage rates and calendar availability and much more to meet your needs
  • You can rent your boat, or just some cabins, for overnight stays moored at the quay (B&B)
  • Decide whether to accept or decline a reservation
  • Your guests are covered by insurance which protects them, you and your boat.
  • Letyourboat, through its network of Rent Advisors in the Marinas, can manage for you the check in, check out of your guests and organize the cleaning on board
For the guest

Enjoy the sea has never been so easy and affordable!

With Letyourboat you can finally live an experience on board in a simple, safe and accessible way. You will have a wide choice of solutions and types of boats for any need

Boat&Bed: The new frontier of travelling

Letyourboat offers boat accomodations for unique experiential travels on board of fantastic boats.

With Letyourboat you can search and rent a boat or single cabins for unforgettable stays and nights at the mooring as a valid alternative to apartment or hotel.

Overnight on board is the last frontier of travel experiences. It allows us to make what everyone thinks of as an elities, finally accessible and usable to anyone. With Letyourboat the overnight stay in boat is equivalent to a stay in a floating hotel.

Boat accomodation is an ideal solution for everyone and for all season, as the boats are equipped with heating and Marinas offer the best comfort and services for an unforgettable stay. The Boat&Bed solution is also valid for those who dislike or suffer the sea, because it offers a unique and alternative stay to apartment or hotel thanks to the charm and atmosphere that only a boat can offer. Sleeping in a boat comfortably moored at the quay in a beatiful Marina is a fantastic experience that thanks Letyourboat now becomes accessible.

With Letyourboat you can rent a boat of any kind and enjoy an unforgettable experience on board with the charm and atmosphere that only a boat can offer, very different from those of a hotel or apartment.

Main features:
  • Vast typology of boats and solutions offered
  • Instant booking
  • Insurance
  • Verified boats
  • Guaranteed booking
  • Secure transaction
  • User verification
  • The Best offers
  • Unique Customers Support and direct contact with Letyourboat Rent Advisors