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Boat rent: earn money by hosting on board

Rent your boat as alternative to apartments

Enter your listing in just a few clicks!
Do you own a boat which represent a cost for you and which you seldom use during the year? Are you a charter company and want to increase your business?
Register and publish your listing is free of charge! 
You can rent your boat (or single cabins) in B&B moored in the Marina for overnight stays to your guests an alternative to hotel and apartment and let them live an experience on board with the charm and atmosphere that only a boat can offer. 
Registering and managing your boat or fleet is easy, free and immediate! You can make your boat available as you wish and when you want. You can define different rates based on the calendar, the minimum stay, and much more. all in a simple, fast and completely autonomous way! Whether you have a mega yacht or a small sailboat, publishing and managing the listing is always free of charge.
Even if you are a charter company can find in Letyourboat a valuable ally because you can use the site to offer your boats in B&B moored at the quay, during the low season when they do not go out to sea and take advantage of an additional channel to expand your boat rent business. 
Reply to requests
Earn money with boat rent! Guests who like your boat will want to book it! Letyourboat guarantee secure bookings without wasting time. 
As soon as the guest makes the reservation we will inform you and you will have 24 hours to accept or reject the reservation. 
We will take care of the rest:
  • All users are verified.
  • The publication and management of your listing is free of charge.
  • You will enjoy a unique assistance service: you can be connected to one of our Guest Assistants: a professional working in the Marina, who take care for you of the check-in / check-out services, the boat control, and the cleaning.
  • We provide your guests with compulsory insurance to protect them, you and your boat.
  • We send you the contract and the rental report, which includes inspection and verification of the boat.
  • You will receive the payment deducted by the site fees (15%). In case you are connected to a Guest Assistant and you delegate the check-in / check-out services and cleaning operations to your Guest Assistant these costs will be deducted from your balance.
All you have to do is to accept a booking and get paid, simply, safely, legally and without problems.
Earn money by hosting on board! See how much you can earn by clicking here.
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